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Welcome To Al Huriaz General Transport

Al Huraiz General Transport & AL Huraiz Passengers Transport by Rented Buses L.L.C is regarded as one of the oldest Transportation Company in Dubai. It was established in the year 1969 by Saif Mohammad Al Huraiz and Adib Aboul-Hosn with the total staff strength of 24 who were operating from a single room. However, it was in 1972 that Al Huraiz came into Dubai International Airport.

The Al Huraiz General Transport Company kept up its steady growth since its inception and has now become a arge Transportation Company specialized in Staff/Labor and Pax transport operating with Dubai International Airport Airside and Landside.Al Huraiz General Transport Company runs the bus transport system in Dubai International Airport & AMIA airport.

185 peak buses are running inside DIA Airport, 5 buses are running inside AMIA airport and above 60 buses are running landside on different routes. Over 55200 Pax (estimated) are using the buses from/to Airport per day (Departure and arrival). The bus routes span the whole length and breadth of the Dubai International Airport.

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