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Our services

Staff Transporation

EK staff transportation

Neoplan Buses , 30/34 seater and 14 seater buses are being use to transport staff 24/7. More than 6000 staffs use the transport daily in different shift timings and routes. More than 800 trips per day (24hrs) travelled by buses for Staff from Gate No.3 to Duty point and vice versa.

Depatment Of Civil Aviation (DA)

More than 400 staffs are using Airside transport on the daily basis in different shift timings. ATC, Admin, Cleaning staffs, al Majlis staffs are also transported airside with these buses. Several shuttle buses are operated for all airport users. Including Immigration, Police, Airline staff etc. Landside buses are transporting DA staff to AMIA at DWC for the 24/7 shifts from different locations in Dubai & Sharjah.

Remote operation for passengers

o Estimated number of passengers transported by Neoplan buses per day 55200 passengers per day (Terminal 1 Terminal 2 & Terminal 3) Departing passengers are transported from remote gates to the aircraft, while arriving passengers are transported from the aircraft to terminals by Neoplan pax buses at allTerminals .

o (2) VIP Neoplan buses are allocated at Al Majlis to transport VIP passengers from Al Majlis to their private jet/bay(departure) and from the private jet/bay to Al Majlis (arrival). Similarly, additional VIP coach request for transport are being requested from Executive flights if need arises.

CREW BUSES Operation for Cabin Crews

• Crew buses are being used to transfer Emirates cabin crew and pilots from Crew Briefing Center at Emirates new head quarter to the aircraft Through the crew tunnel under Airport road that leads to the ramp for Departure Flights & From Aircraft to Crew Briefing Center for Arrivals. 24 Crew coaches are deployed on the daily basis 24/7.

• Crew buses are also used for other Airline transport: From Transfer Desk ( Crew Gate) at Terminal 1 and at Terminal 2: Crews are being transported from Transfer Desk to the Aircraft (Departure Flights) and from aircraft to Transfer Desk for Arrivals. Some of the airlines using the transport are: Gulf Air, Bangladesh Airline, Das Cargo ,Kish Air, Iran Aseman ,etc.).

Inter-Terminal passengers transport

30 seater bus is use to transfer inter-Terminal passengers from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 and vice versa.

Shuttle transport for all Airport users

After the operation of Terminal 3, DA introduced a shuttle service for All airport users from supergate (G3) to Terminal 3 and from G13 to T1 and concourse 1. We are operating more than 15 buses for this shuttle service with trips Every 5-10 minutes round the clock.