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Operational Facts

• Suitable quality bus types
• 14 Seater
• 30/32/34 Seater
• 66 Seater
• Long experience in Airside Transport operations
• Covering all requirements for passengers, staff and crew

Since 2016 Al Huraiz participated in the development of 100% electrical buses, suitable for Ariside Transport (having low floor) and City Public Transport. The prototype was tested at Dubai International Airport in 2016 (Red bus picture on the left) during the hot summer period.
We are proud to confirm that all technical issues raised in 2016 are being solved on the 2nd generation bus and this new version bus is brought again to Dubai during July 2020. The bus went on live trial for Emirates Crew Transport since August 2020. The feedback so far is excellent in performance, comfort, noise, carbon foot print and inside areas as low as Basement-2. We expect this bus with its flexible configuration for 8 meter-till 11 meters long will become an important part of transport buses at Dubai Airport.